Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3 Ways a Restaurant Gets Return Worthy: Televised

Today marked my television appearance on a local show, Atlanta & Company, about food & wine & lifestyle in the ATL. The weekly segment is produced by Metromix Atlanta with the following format:

Three people are invited to discuss one restaurant that is chosen by one person. The other two visit the restaurant separately and all three come back to share their experiences.

Thank you Dora Burke for inviting me to participate!

In the conversation I give 3 reasons why I enjoyed our selected restaurant, TopFlr; however, all 3 reasons could apply to any good restaurant worth revisiting:


  1. A wine list that goes beyond the familiar names you bump into at a grocery store - including interesting selections at the by-the-glass level
  2. Cuisine and cocktails that suggest the kind of craftsmanship you'd find from someone truly interested in layering flavors in new and different ways - wow me
  3. A creatively decorated space that energizes the patrons as well as the service staff to make the evening a bit of theater in its timing and choreography - well executed. A plus if I can enjoy the restaurant by seating in different sections on subsequent visits and appreciate the space in a different way and be as satisfied or better than the first visit

TopFlr delivered.

Restaurants bring out my inner explorer and wanderer. I'm eager to try new things - particularly flavor combinations and textures - that I cannot easily recreate at home. Add the company and some engaging conversation and you have the mark of a great restaurant and a memorable meal.


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