Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Year Dinner Menu

Tonight's Menu featured a main dish inspired from the excellent foodie site, Food Republic:  I can't say enough good things about how well the dish turned out.  Very flavorful. 

Very unfortunate however that I did not get a good enough shot of the final dish to show you.  In the new year I will resolve to plate one dish of all the courses ahead of time and perform the shoot before the company arrives.

Instead I have a picture of the magnum of champagne we enjoyed.  And wow was it an experience:  a 1998 Piper Heidsieck 'Rare' cuvée Champagne.  Notes of buttered toast, caramel, citrus - a rare treat indeed.  Wish I had more.  Because it was a magnum shared among 8 of us, I did use some of this juice in the cocktail at the beginning.  Some would consider this wasteful to mix such a standalone gem with anything, but if you believe in using the best ingredients, this one took the cocktail to a whole new level.  Only one-half glass each was used before switching to the Champagne in its pure form!

Wishing everyone a healthy Shana Tova worthy of many bubbly celebrations.

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