Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sous Vide DIY: Construction Meetup

Summer's almost over!

My apologies for the space between posts but time was precious these last few months with travel and a total renovation of our kitchen into a more modern era. It's safe to say the kitchen was designed around where to place my homemade sous vide machine - it's become that important of a tool in my arsenal and menu planning.

That's right. The machine is still working and has logged countless hours now. It's a beast.

One of my best friends decided to make the journey to Atlanta, GA at the end of the month and build one with my help. I therefore turn to the foodie community here and invite you to build your sous vide machine with us if you like.

The original article we used that includes the items you will need to order for this project come from Seattle Food Geek:

So that all the items arrive in time for our construction party currently scheduled for Saturday, October 2, from 1:30 to 6:30pm at my backyard, then you'll need to place your order in the next few hours/days.

This time I take more step by step photos along the way and publish our journey for those who cannot make it.

If you are interested in attending please leave a comment below and start assembling your parts!

NOTE: I ordered a different PID controller than Seattle Food Geek's listed item.
I did this because I liked the documentation that came with this controller and hope that it will
serve us well when we assemble everything.

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