Sunday, June 26, 2011

Negroski Perfection

Negroski Perfection by atl10trader
Negroski Perfection, a photo by atl10trader on Flickr. Miller Union in Atlanta, GA makes a killer version.
Here's the first of a two-part post celebrating the drinks that can bookend a memorable meal. Since I'm not a fan of bourbons and whiskey, I've been in search of something refreshing to cleanse or even prepare the palatte.

The Negroni satisfies both though traditionally it is an aperitif served before a meal - the Italian Campari component gets the juices flowing. I prefer the Negroski which replaces the original gin ingredient with vodka:


3 Oz. Soda Water
2.5 Oz. Campari
2 Cups Ice Cubes
2 Oz. Sweet Vermouth - As with anything, better ingredients make for a better result.  Don't skimp on inexpensive sweet vermouth. Go for something great here. I had mine mixed with one derived from Barolo!
1 Orange
5 Oz. Vodka

Mixing instructions:

Cut orange in half. Slice 1 of the halves; place in pitcher. Juice remaining oranges to make about 1/4 cup (62 mL) juice; add to pitcher. Mash slices gently with spoon.

Add vodka, soda water, Campari and sweet vermouth; stir to combine. Add ice.

This recipe makes 3 servings.

See Mixologist Eben Freeman, of Tailor restaurant in New York City, demonstrate how to make a Negroni. I like the flaming orange twist at the end

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