Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Atlanta's Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival Recap

It's official: the Westside Urban Market's annual Killer Tomato Festival (benefiting Georgia Organics) is now tradition. 3 in a row makes it so, right? It's etched into the city's calendar.  The winners, participants, and inventive dishes will surely change, but the event's capacity for generating fun with food is all the staying power it needs.

The weather: hot. The atmosphere: carnival. The mixologists: unbelievably inventive. The chefs: truly inspired. The music: The Spazmatics again!

Here's a walking tour in pictures:

Empire State South Strikes!

The Tomatino Punch: a vodka infused knockout!

The Band

Yo. They gave it up and left nothing in the tank. Same gig, next year guys.

Sir Mixalot

Tomato Mai Tai: Deceivingly simple, delicious. The work of a true pro. Did I have more than my fair share? Yes, I did. My apologies.

July 2011, Westside Urban Market. See you next year!!

Still Hungry?

More photos of the festival (and from years past) appear in this set: Killer Tomato Festival Photos

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