Friday, November 11, 2011

And You Thought All Mencia Was From Bierzo?

This is from an area next to RIAS BAIXAS Galencia - Valdeorras

Here's what made this wine so special and such a pleasant surprise:

Mencia is a familiar red grape varietal commonly from Bierzo, Spain. This Mencia, however, like certain reds from the Loire Valley in France, came from a previously thought (foolishly by me) to be an exclusively white growing region. I delight in getting schooled like this - so should you.

The rest of this quick post marks a great evening out in San Francisco last night.

We began with drinks at 15 Romolo, North Beach, for the absinthe tinged Ferdinand's Fizz. Think strawberry shortcake and licorice for a clue to its deliciousness. Dare i say it is worth the plane ride just for this. Caution: the potent concoction will create your own immediate reality distortion field. Ferdinand makes anything seem possible.

Followed the cocktails with a visit to Gitane, a vampire worthy, sultry place from which Moroccan and French stylized fare like Harissa buttered radishes and roasted Brussel sprouts and cauliflower over rockfish are served. Superb flavors, focus and alluring wine list and atmosphere.

A night of exploration, a new wine experience, and fantastic food and company: that's livin.

You've had a similar night of new wine and or experiences. I am certain of it. Care to share?

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