Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Last Night's "This Is Market" Is Good for You

This Is Market Event, Georgia Organics
This Is Market, Georgia Organics, Atlanta, GA, a photo by atl10trader on Flickr.

Georgia Organics - can't say enough about them.  If you appreciate the provenance of food and you care about what you eat (wherever in the world you live), give Georgia Organics a look. They're playing with your food - for your benefit.

They make a fine model for any region across the nation looking to improve community involvement in the food chain, lives of local farmers, school lunches, and basic understanding of healthy eating.

Last night's This Is Market Event, a spring fundraiser to benefit Georgia Organics, celebrated spring's arrival and offered a preview of who, what, and where the local farmer's markets around town will be selling this season.  What better place to hold the event then the neighborly local Sweetwater Brewery?  The brewery entertains in a beautiful, expansive loft-like space that features an outdoor deck for grilling and a long bar for tasting - all of which overlooks behind glass panes the production assembly line where beer meets bottle.

Some highlights:
  • A reminder that David Sweeney of cherished Dynamic Dish fame, serves his style of lunch at the Bakery that's part of Cakes & Ale in Decatur. David served an amazing Kale and spelt salad with a grapefruit vinaigrette and toasted pecans.   
  • Local brews from SweetWater Brewing Company
  • Wine from Atlanta-Based Two Friends Imports, specializing in Macedonian produced wines. Interesting! However, the Sauvignon Blanc disappointed. It was too cloy, tin and Manischewitz-tasting for my liking.  The red Cabernet blend, however, was layered and cassis-flavored with a nice body. Very enjoyable.
  • Local music from Smokey's Farmland Band
  • Local Farmers Markets including East Atlanta Village, Grant Park, Peachtree Road, Urban Farmer and others

This Is Market Event
This Is Market, Georgia Organics, Atlanta, GA, a photo by atl10trader on Flickr.

Excellent timing for this event - hats off to Steven Satterfield of the great Miller Union for conceiving and executing on the idea, as it serves as a great preview of what farmer's markets exist in Metro Atlanta and who you are likely to see smiling when you visit them over the summer and fall.

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