Sunday, July 22, 2012

Homage to the Tomato

Tonight's dinner menu was inspired by tomorrow's Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival at Atlanta's JCT Kitchen:

Everything was cooked in my sous vide machine which is reclaiming its spot as an important culinary device thanks to the Vac Master P112 chamber vacuum sealing machine. Can't do sous vide without a good, functional vacuum sealer.  This duo will hopefully be working together for a while.

Above is the tomato and blueberry shooter with parmesan crisp.  Recipe:

It's a shame but when the evening gets going, I am often forgetful in taking pictures especially as the meal progresses!  The better the dish, the more likely I dive in without snapping a photo.  Will try to refrain in the future.

Some additional photos from another photographer who participated in the meal last night:

Saffron Scented Halibut

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