Thursday, July 23, 2009

I completed the essay portion of my application to be the final candidate for Season 2 of The Winemakers. This effort would be impossible to even consider if not for the generous support and understanding of my wife (helping me pursue the chance of a lifetime!).

ESSAY (500 words or less)
When the universe presents the karma-filled opportunity to participate in Season 2 of The Winemakers in France, you don’t pass on it. So here I am. I auditioned with The Winemakers for Season 1 when producers visited Atlanta and did well but did not make the final cut. This time with production set in France I could not resist trying again.

My wine and wine appreciation activities always occupy my free time - whether building a successful software company from scratch or in previous work as a management consultant. Indeed I moonlighted working for a local wine distributor while getting the software company into + revenues. I loved many of the days that enriched my wine knowledge as well as introduced me to the amazing people from around the world who make these wines.

Quick story: I took a young Italian ‘hotshot’ winemaker visiting Atlanta on a tour of the city’s best restaurants. He assumed responsibilities for his family’s winery and visited America to push his newly revamped (and superb) wines to key markets. He traveled with a translator, but when we discovered we could communicate easily in French, we ditched the help and had a great day talking about EVERYTHING. A year later I visited him in Asti, Italy and to finally locate the winery, he spotted my car from the tractor in front of the town church from 3-4 hills away and gave me the last turn by turn directions over the phone. Karma!

My enthusiasm for wine comes from every direction and informs the same viewpoint as the one shared in the Disney movie, Ratatouille: “Anyone can cook”. Meaning a good or great winemaker can come from anywhere – from any experience – as long as there is a passion for learning how to master its techniques. I don’t know if it’s the Year of the Rat, but it’s the year that I want to be part of The Winemakers!
On Friday or shortly thereafter I'll post the link to my video portion of the application. I'll need your help in watching and sharing it with others. Thanks in advance!

Note: The Italian winemaker referenced above is my friend, Alessandro Garetto, Tenuta Garetto:

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