Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm auditioning for the second season of The WineMakers: 12 People. 1 Passion and I need your help in endorsing me for the last spot. Please follow me on Twitter as I document my steps toward landing a spot on the show.

My wife thinks it's a long shot but is luke-warm in her support. We'll see. I plan to enlist nothing more than the video function in my camera to film some shots I'll put in the required 2 minute video.

My heartfelt thanks to Vincent aka TraderAlamo for the offer to help me edit and package what I send him Thursday afternoon. It will be a tight and quick turnaround, but he's the man for the job for sure. He'll be the first of many I'll be grateful to if and when this works out.

There's a small essay also required as part of the application that's due next Friday, July 24th. Some of the points I plan to make are:

My fascination with wine runs deep:
  1. I've researched and written about wine, winemakers, and the wine making process for several magazines including Texas Monthly, Jezebel Magazine, and most recently for Dirty South Wine
  2. My experience leading wine tastings for service professionals (e.g., non-profits, law firms, consulting firms, etc.) informs many of my views on how others perceive wine and the best way in which to let others approach wine without lecturing to them.
  3. Work at the retail and restaurant points of sale for a local wine distributor inform my understanding of how wine and finance work hand in hand to get what you eventually drink from the vineyard to your table.
  4. I've lived in France and drank my way around the country appreciating all of the varied locations for making wine. I'll put this to good use in understanding instructions and most importantly, asking good questions.
That's the working draft anyway.

I'll try to finese it some more.

I'm glad you're reading and am grateful for helping me get the word out that I'd love the opportunity to be the last one picked for the 2nd Season of The WineMakers.

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