Friday, August 14, 2009

Congratulations to the Contestants!

Congratulations to all the contestants selected for Season 2 of The Winemakers. They'll be busy as filming begins in CA next week and then transitions to the Rhone Valley in France for 3-4 weeks starting at the end of September.

They'll all have a wonderful experience. It will make for a great season. In the meantime you can start watching Season 1 on PBS the first week of September - check local listings.

So what now?

First a big thank you to everyone who helped in my effort. The casting director sent me a personal email praising my video specifically (kudos to my producer, editor, Renaissance-friend, and legend on his own custom-made throne, TraderAlamo! (he also makes modern Italian furniture)).

This process reignites my passion for wine, food, and the people in this great city and beyond who are living, drinking, and/or writing about it. I'm therefore retooling my twitter page and this blog to reflect what will be my ongoing effort: to communicate and share what I know about wine and food as well as the wine tasting and visiting winemaker services I provide that keep me engaged and learning. Stay tuned.

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