Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Best Cookie Ever Isn't the One Your Eating

An exercise instructor informed the class she wanted to bring cookies as part of an extended spinning class included in a day of activities at the local YMCA called, Fitapalooza. She asked who had a good recipe. I decided to answer the call and share it with you.

I'm one for a classic, like chocolate chip cookies with a healthy twist.

The ideal chocolate chip cookie is not only the one someone else is eating, it's the one lodged into your head deep in your memory that makes you say, ooooh cookie! I want to relive that time I had that cookie.

An arduous task, but I've heard it said that, "life is the journey", so here goes:

the Classic: Notez bien the extended chilling time of the batter (don't shortcut the 24hs)

the healthy twist:

the Google search I used to help with this article:
"cookie recipe nytimes"

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