Monday, September 21, 2009

Fresh Milk & Cookies with a Side of Matzah Dill Balls

Yes. On occasion I'll have my diary before tasting anything with meat - those who keep it kosher (lite or otherwise) know why.

On Sunday we visited The Mercantile based on a strong need to get family out of the house - even in the rain - and because of this:

It's real hard for me to resist milk & cookies, so we were there. Our journey rewarded us in many ways beyond dessert. I got educated on the benefits of non-homogenized milk from Johnston Family Farm who deliver their milk to The Mercantile, Star Provisions, and both Alon's locations less than a day out of the cows. Weird and tantalizing at the same time. Let's just say I'm hooked. And did I mention the cookies were worth the drive?

For a fuller description that includes the fresh yogurt they produce, read the post The Blissful Gourmet wrote recently, Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt.

The first sign that The Mercantile turned out to be a wise choice was the soup and sandwich menu which featured Matzah Ball soup. It only got better after tasting it. Dill! A hint of dill in the soup?! I don't even like dill in general, but this was enough of a taste experience that I will not hold onto that general rule so firmly in the future.

As with any gourmet and specialty store, what's offered is always in flux. Wisely The Mercantile, like Dynamic Dish and many other restaurants, communicate what's cookin now via Twitter and are worth following.

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