Sunday, September 13, 2009

Move Over Peach, It's a Muscadine State

Atlanta's Morningside Farmer's Market is a city treasure. As I learned on Saturday morning during my visit, Chef Guenter Seeger was instrumental in making this location available to not only city chefs but to the public as well. I was there to see perhaps the last chef demonstration visit of Arnaud Berthelier who is leaving Atlanta along with the closing of The Dining Room in the Buckhead Ritz Carlton.

He went out with a heavenly bang.

I learned what a panna cotta finally is and sampled in-season muscadines that were so fresh and good, they should replace the peach on what puts Georgia on the map.

Formally the recipe is called, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Muscadines 3 Ways and a Sable-Breton (butter cookie). The 3 ways were: as a consommé, as a jam, and shucked (in the raw/out of the skins).

I'm now burdened with the challenge of recreating this masterful dessert and am hereby condemed to a life of falling short - should make alot of people happy along the way.

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