Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Official - The Hat is in the Ring

Below is the casting call video I'm submitting to the Producers of The Winemakers: Season 2.

Per their instructions I can land the last spot if the video below is seen by as many people as possible. Thank you for taking a look and going the extra step of sharing with someone you know!

On August 7, 2009 the Producers will tally which of the casting call videos were the most watched and then make a final determination.

Thank you to everyone who motivated me to try this and who helped me put this video together (Montaluce Estates, Brasserie JOEL, the Atlanta Braves, @kaplanbr, and many more) - most of all my friend Vincent aka @TraderAlamo. I give special thanks to my wife Stephanie for letting me play Peter Pan one more time. Maybe it will also inspire our girls to go for it once in a while.


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