Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video Update

As mentioned previously I am in the running for the last spot on the reality series airing on PBS called The Winemakers.

The producers on August 7th will make a decision on who that last person will be using criteria which, in part, is determined by the popularity (measured by number of views) of their audition videos.

Right now I believe I'm in second place behind Tammi Ramsey. You'll notice that I've placed a collection of the audition videos to the left. Take a look at all of them as a few, like Tammi's, are well made and give an accurate sketch of who they are. Just make sure to share mine with those you know!

As I mentioned previously the effort to make the video itself was a reward. I'm grateful for those of whom I crossed paths and for the newly found desire to continue blogging about the nexus of wine, cuisine, and social media.

Whatever happens I'll be in good company.

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